‘…and death is like that sleep’

‘Morsque ei somno similis est’

such a dream I saw last night

such a dream

you were with me and he was driving

our car all full of friends and our lives

just a little car, a Civic maybe, once orange

but you couldn’t tell too well anymore

the light of the desert was relaxed, near sunset

orange/yellow/pink/dark blue, towards the two horizons

at 90 mph we talked about us

our families, our names such as they are

and such as they were

your hair flew intermittently from the wind

that slipped in from a half-open backseat window

blonde strands and black and brown strands

who knows how many hours it was,

it was a dream, after all

but we knew each other, and loved each other a little bit

and then we stopped to drop me off in Vegas

on some bus platform. Concrete, dirty,

no shadows just bright lights neon and yellow, red

I stepped out and you came around to say bye to me

and you, well, then you held me, pushed me back against the car

you kissed me, and I returned it and held you,

and locked there together

we took our part in the eternal return of all things

the metamorphosis of water to human to dust,

of love to loss, of all things, and I was so happy

there entangled

I told you how I met you, really where I’d seen you

some show I like where you showed me

that I could be me, even though it’s hard

I laughed about how silly it seemed,

and cried and could barely speak while I cried

I couldn’t believe it, which was maybe for the best

it was a dream, after all

but, you know, if death is like that sleep

I won’t be so upset about dying when I go


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