On the Edge of E

It feels like a cliff-edge. Like I’ve been walking here, and, you know, it’s taken awhile but not been too bad. Nice, sunny day, some clouds here and there. I packed water and sunscreen and some snacks. ‘Good hiking technique’ I kept muttering to myself. This is the only big metaphorical hike I’ve taken like this, so it feels good to stroke my fragile ego.

But, god, here I finally am. The ground just sort of…falls off. A big ol’ jagged cliff and just the sky. I’ve heard stories about what happens when you take the leap and fall. Sounds pretty nice, the tits and all that. Feeling better in general in some undefinable way. Softer skin and you smell good. I’m too afraid to peak over for a preview though, scared of heights.

It’s hard to not worry that I’ll just smush myself on some boulders. My gore would look kind of beautiful, at least, like a Francis Bacon painting, though I’d feel bad about my water bottle and trail mix. Littering is bad.

But, you know, whatever. I’m jumping.

See you at the bottom.


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